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Crunchy here!I'm a professional Live2D Rigger & Animator who has been active in the Vtubing scene since late 2020.Please go through this site for any information you may need before contacting me. Feel free to reach out to me regardless of commission status!

Terms of Service

Please read thoroughly before inquiring


  • I have the right to refuse any project for any reason.

  • All commissioned content is non-refundable once started & in queue

  • ALL commissions require a 50% deposit before starting your commission -- Payment is not required to have a waitlisted slot

  • You cannot commission the following: Gore, Mecha, 18+, Characters from IPs you do not own

  • Please do not re-sell commissioned avatars without contacting me first to notify change of owner

  • Please do not use the commissioned assets for any sort of inflammatory/discriminatory content - i.e. racist, xenophobic, sexist, etc.

  • Upon debut of the avatar, you must include credit that links back to my twitter handle on any platform that you use the model. This must be visible in a public location like your twitch bio, twitter bio, carrd, etc.

Client Rights

  • Clients are allowed to inquired to the status of their commission at any time within work day hours (PST timezone)

  • Clients have the right to 3 major revisions before incurring additional costs to their commission.

  • Clients have the right to aspects of their commission being privatized until debut.

  • Clients have the right to a refund if the commission cannot be completed (closing of business, major medical incident, etc)

  • Clients have the right to knowing their position in the queue & a rough due date based on it.

Workflow & Process

  • Potential Clients reach out to me during an open season to secure a spot with me.

  • Client and I confirm the final quote based on model specifics and needs.

  • I E-mail you with final documents relating to your commission (personal directory, invoice receipt, terms of service, general contract)

  • You receive an invoice - it must be paid before added to the queue.

  • You are added to the queue in trello - you can use this to track your commission progress

  • As stated in your client rights - you may contact me at any time for an update.

Live2D Prices

TypeStarting Price
Half Body Model750$
Full Body Models1000$
Animated Illustrations & Backgrounds600$
Model Cutting+50-250$
Major PSD Revisions50$
Emote Toggle35-100$ Per
Animated Toggle45$ Per
Idle Animations35$ Per
Extra outfits (limit 2)450$ per
Extra Hairstyle250$
Pets/Independent Assets100$

Only Paypal is accepted at this timeDetails
Prices may vary based on client specific needs, design complexity, or request complexity.
ALL models are prepped with the assumption you will come back with an update that could increase complexity.


When inquring, please include the following details.
- Project Type
- Artist Name
- Model details - model type, emotes, animations, etc.
- Any other information that may apply
Inquiries are sent to both my main & Rigger Mortis addresses.Correspondence should arrive within 3 days of you inquiring. If there is no response in that time - I am either away or on vacation. If that is the case, please check my twitter for an ETA on my return.If your contact form does not meet the needs of your inquiry, please reach out to my twitter!